Beat Sugar Addiction – Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Mp3 Recording

Sugars are your worst enemies when you are trying to achieve weight loss, unless they are accompanied by fiber in fruits and vegetables. Download this effective self hypnosis mp3 that provides the suggestion and inspiration to reduce the amount of sugars in your diet.

Moderating Alcohol – Self Hypnosis Mp3 Recording

Managing and controlling your alcohol consumption is a great step towards increasing your mental focus, productivity and emotional well-being. The unique hypnosis mp3 provides creative and interesting tips and inspiration to make moderating alcohol an easier task. Download Moderating alcohol mp3 and discover a subtle way to reduce alcohol temptations and become a productive individual with an enhanced self control.

Control Alcohol – Self Hypnosis Mp3 Recording

Alcoholism is an addiction that ruins lives, splits up families, and can result in violence. Controlling an addiction to alcohol can be hard. This hypnosis recording is designed to help deal with the drinking problem by providing a background for self-hypnosis. Hypnosis is highly-effective for breaking the cycle of addiction, including alcoholism.

Alcohol Aversion – Self Hypnosis MP3 Recordings

Want to quit alcohol? you need to change your attitude and the mental patterns that resulted in this negative habit. Alcohol aversion hypnosis mp3 is a unique method of changing your perception about alcohol consumption and enhancing your motivation to stay sober and preserve your health. Buy the effective hypnosis mp3 for alcohol aversion and make the first step towards a major change in your life.