My Husband Criticizes Me In Public. Please Help

Relationships can be hard work. When two people decide to engage in a committed relationship problems arise. Relationships bring two different people together; two histories, two journeys, two minds. In order to succeed in any relationship, communication is vital. Here are some steps to communicating with your partner. 1.) If something is bothering you, voice your concern. Often time’s people … Keep reading

How To Fall In Love With A Person Whom You Hate From Your Core

The human spirit craves love. Love is a systematic chemical reaction encoded into the human genome, which scientist believe, was created to ensure the human species. Hate however, has baffled the scientific community. There is no real scientific solution to the answer of why human beings hate. In fact, love and hate use the same part of the brain to … Keep reading

Lately I hate everyone around me.. What is wrong?

Hate is a strong emotion that can dissipate relationships and prevent new ones from sprouting. There are many factors that can influence emotion. These factors include environment, anger, pressures/stress, and emotional insecurity. Factors 1. Environment You may have heard the statement, “We are products of our environment.” The environment in which you live can have an impact on the way … Keep reading

The Downward Financial Spiral: How To Stop It

While debt and having no money are vicious problems, the millions of people facing the nightmare of a financial downward spiral have a shared problem which runs much deeper. This is simply human behavior, and though many financial problems are unforeseeable, behavior is the ultimate culprit. Ultimately, this problem demands 100% of your attention in forming an effective solution that … Keep reading