Thank you for stopping by on this page and thank you for your interest in the “Reach Results” Group Coaching Program.

Participation in the program was closed for the last 14 months. For the first time we are opening this up for a few select individuals.

Most of the group coaching programs are general programs with no specific outcome attached to them. The onus of success is left to the participants eagerness, effort and effectiveness. REACH RESULTS
group coaching program is structured different, it’s focused on one measurable outcome.

Enrollment is open across 6 groups now. Each group can hold only 6 ~8 members.

1. Business Success
2. Career Success
3. Financial Success
4. Relationship Success
5. Weightloss/Fitness Sucess
6. Personal Effeciency

Based on your current needs you pick and choose a group to join.

Our experiences tells us people who sign up for multiple groups end up becoming more confused and less focused. That being said we have seen people excel across the board at the same time.

The program duration is monthly. You can choose to discontinue at anytime.

Coaching Structure:

We will have one coaching call a week, it will be delivered via Phone or Web. You’ll be given assignments to do and will be held accountable through the process.

SIGN-UP Process.

There is a strict criteria on how one is selected into the program. The end outcome is your success. Because this is a group program its important that each and every participant is a right fit for the program and that the program is a right fit for them.

So we require that you are serious about this. The selection into the program is based on a small interview that Srini will conduct himself. This will usually happen within 24-48 hours of you showing your intent.

To make sure that you are serious about Coaching. We suggest that you make a small deposit of $100 expressing intent. Then Srini will speak to you for about 15~20 minutes to make sure you’ll benefit from the program. Once its identified that there is a mutual fit the $100 deposit will be applied towards first months of coaching.

If we mutually decided that this program is not right for you, then you will be instantly given your deposit of $100 back and we part as friends.


We look forward to working with you

To Your Continued Success!