This Consultation Is FOR YOU IF..

  • You are frustrated and seriously are looking to make a change. I mean really, really SERIOUS about making a change
  • Are willing to follow a plan of action to create the success you are seeking. 
  • Hypnosis is fast, but every brain is different. Results are not typical. Some are fast, some take time and effort. 

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Will you be using hypnosis on this consultation? The answer is YES. Every consultation is hypnotic in nature. I suggest you be in a static location. You should NOT be driving or working on machinery while attending this call. I'll be using conversational hypnosis in our discussion and will do a few suggestibility tests, which could be hypnotic in nature. 

Where do we meet?  This is not an in-person consultation. This consultation will happen over Skype or Phone depending what best works for you based on your location. You will receive all the details on how to join the call via email ahead in time.

Is this a paid consultation?  Yes it is. 

What is the duration of this consultation?  Total time is 45 minutes. Occasionally I go over. I suggest you block 60 minutes. 

What happens you can't make to the call?  You can reschedule. All scheduling and re-scheduling happens via my open calendar, which I will send you upon registration.

What are the next steps?  The next step is you complete the registration process. Once you do that, I will send you a small questionnaire to answer. This will give me an insight into your situation and also allows me to prepare myself to best serve you on the call. 

What happens after the call? If I can solve your problem, I'll solve it for you right on the call. I expect this to be our first and last interaction. My goal will be to help articulate the solution for you on this call, so you don't need anything beyond. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email info@positivepositioning.com or

call us @ 1-888-818-0081

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