There Are Only Eight Things You Need

To Build A Successful Relationship…

Products, Prospects and Promotion

Read the letter below to find out how you can get all three in as little as five days.

Dear Friend,

I’m not sure how you made it to this page, but let me make a quick assumption: you’re here because you’re interested in learning more about starting or growing a successful Internet business.

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking to play some games or catch up on social media, ya took a wrong turn somewhere. 🙂

My name is Jimmy D. Brown, and I’ll be your host for the next few minutes. I’ve got some very exciting and potentially life-changing information to pass on to you. By the time you’re finished reading this letter, you will have learned the following three things…

  • What it takes to build a profitable Internet business.
  • Actual “real life” examples that you can model.
  • How to get each component in place in as little as five days.

If that interests you, then let’s take a closer look at these together. If you’d rather be playing Farmville, looking at pictures of someone falling off of a four-wheeler, or reading about what your friends ate for breakfast … I hear Facebook® is open 24/7. 🙂

Still with me?

Great, let’s dive in…

Like I said earlier, my name is Jimmy D. Brown. Feel free to Google “Jimmy D. Brown” anytime to check on my background and anything I say on this page. I’ve been making a full-time living on the Internet since August 2000 (well over a decade) and have been training others to make money online for the duration of my “career“.

In that time, I’ve earned over $1,000,000 in profit (that’s spendable cash – not “sales“), trained tens of thousands of people, and have created hundreds of products, articles, etc. I’ve been a guest speaker at some of the most prestigious Internet marketing conferences, seminars and workshops in the world. Here are just a few people I’ve shared the stage with…

  • Dan Kennedy
  • Jack Canfield
  • Carrie Wilkerson
  • Paul Evans
  • Jim Edwards
  • John Reese
  • Yanik Silver
  • Paul Myers
  • Marlon Sanders
  • Alex Mandossian

I don’t say any of that to brag. God has been very, very good to me. To Him be all glory.

I say all of that to let you know that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to building a successful Internet based business. You don’t last this long without doing something right. Like I said, feel free to Google my name. You’ll find that I have a reputation of integrity in how I run my business, and “easy to understand” explanation in my training.

So, when I share what I’m about to share, it’s based on my vast experience as someone earning money online and teaching others to do the same. In fact, a lot of people come to me regularly for this advice. Here’s a typical letter (maybe it resonates with YOU)…

Dear Jimmy,

I’m looking for a real way to earn money online to supplement my income and, ultimately, start a new career. I’ve heard a lot about how people are creating Internet based businesses, but I don’t know where to start.

In browsing I have heard a lot of horror stories about people getting scammed and I’m starting to get a bit skeptical.

Then, I read some things about you and everyone seems to agree that you’re a man of integrity. What would you recommend I do to get started? What do I need?

I hope you can help me.


Name Withheld

That’s what I’m going to answer below. I’m going to walk you quickly through the three things you need to get started (you really need nothing more AFTER you get started) with your very own internet based business. How does this sound…



There are three things that you need in order to make this happen: products, prospects and promotion. That is, you need something to sell, someone to get the word out about what you’re selling, and someone to buy what you’re selling. Let’s talk about each of these in greater detail…

1. Your Signature Product. It all begins with offering something that other people can buy from you. There are many, many different options here ranging from ebooks to services to coaching to tangible goods to memberships to dozens of other things. Ultimately, your business could (and should) have a combination of these things in your empire.

What I teach people to do is create information based products (think “ebook” for now) that they sell on the Internet. I love this model because you create the product ONE time and you can sell it an UNLIMITED number of times. And the cost to do this is almost ZERO. You can get a domain for under $10 a year and hosting for $5 and set things up for a cost of under twenty bucks.

Delivery of your “ebook” is covered in your hosting so that if you sell the

product for $19.97, then you earn $19.97 (minus 1-2% for credit card processing).

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve personally made over a million dollars in profit selling information based goods. I know it works and I know how it works.

That said…

What I want you to think in terms of is not just any product, but a “signature product“. It’s important that you create at least ONE product that virtually all of your prospect pool is interested in. There should be a product that “fits” with almost everyone who connects with you and your business.

This product should serve as a cornerstone upon which you build your business. Every other product (as well as promotional materials, resources, assets, etc.) should point people towards the “signature product“. Your objective is to get 100% of your prospects to buy this product. It should be your best-seller.

It also should be a PREMIUM-PRICED product. Since you are attempting to get almost every prospect to buy it, it should yield a nice amount of money per transaction. If you are selling $7 ebooks, it’s going to take a LOT of new customers to make any significant money. If you are selling $997 home study courses, you’re not going to be able to get “every prospect to buy it”. A great selling point is $97 – if it’s an attractive offer. More on that later.

Let me refer you to a quick case study of my own current “signature” product to give you an example…

Case study: My target audience consists of individuals who want to earn money on the Internet. While there are a lot of things that I have taught and continue to teach related to that objective, the ONE thing that every single prospect needs is a PLAN for making money in the fastest, easiest, and best way possible for their unique personality and situation.

That’s why I created the Foundations 5-Day Coaching Program. To work personally (one-on-one) with a limited group of people to help them create such a plan. Whether someone is a complete beginner, a struggling novice, or a seasoned vet wanting to take it up a notch, this class helps create custom-tailored, workable plans.

What you’ll find is two-fold: first, I try to get every prospect of mine to join this class at some point in our ongoing relationsihp. Everything I do is an attempt to move people towards the class; second, this class moves “graduates” towards any other product of mine that fits within their newly developed plan. Certainly they don’t need to purchase other products, but many want additional training, coaching, etc., so it’s a natural progression.

Visit to see what the “signature” product looks like in a real setting.

In a few minutes I’ll share more with you about creating your own “signature” product very quickly. Just know that it’s an important part of your successful business.

SIDEBAR: It’s worth mentioning that no matter what “kind” of product you create and no matter WHAT you do in terms of marketing your business, you are going to need to produce “content” (IE Information) on an ongoing basis.

The “ultimate” shortcut for creating content is hands-down the system at

It includes over 700 pages of “fill-in-the-blank” templates, swipe files, checklists, case studies, training manuals, and idea starters! It makes writing faster, easier and better – regardless of what you are writing. It is useful for writing: articles, blog, posts, reports, ebooks, mailings, email mini-courses, information products, membership site content, salesletter, ads and just about anything.

Check it out regardless of what path you choose for you business. It is the ONE true “must-have” if you are going to do business online. Everything else may be debatable, but this one is not. Everyone I’ve talked with agrees it is extremely beneficial for those running an internet business.

2. Your Signature List. Just as you have one product that “fits” your target audience, you should likewise create a primary list that you strive to get every prospect who comes into contact with your brand to join.

To be sure, you will ultimately have lots of lists (newsletters, mini-courses, partner lists, customer lists, etc.) but there needs to be one list that you showcase above all others – that list which is designed to get maximum subscriber opt-ins and positioned with greatest visibility in your digital footprint.

When you create a “signature list” it becomes more than just a way to communicate with your subscribers, although that does occur. If you set it up properly, then it becomes THE single best conversion tool in your possession for getting people to buy your products (and other people’s products that you promote as an “affliate” for commissions).

By “set it up properly“, I mean using the right balance of content and advertisement, the right blend of adding value to the subscriber experience and moving them towards purchases. I know only a handful of people who have mastered this. Most either give away so much content there is no need to buy anything, or they provide almost no value to the subscriber and use the list as a “pitch fest”.

Neither of these gets the sale!

Again, it’s critical that you get this “signature list” in place. A high-quality, core product won’t make money for you without a proper list in place to convince prospects to buy from you.

While I have dozens of lists in place, there is a “signature list” that virtually ALL of my community is interested in which I refer to often. In fact, it’s on the subject of everything we’re talking about on this very page! Here’s a quick look as an example…

Case study: How I Make Money Online. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been making a full-time living online for well over a decade. 100% of those in my community are interested in HOW I do this – in the hope and expectation that they can model my success.

That’s what this free 7-day course and newsletter is designed to help with. By going through the daily lessons, subscribers get information on EXACTLY WHAT I DO TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE – with real examples, inside information, behind-the-scenes details, resources, etc. I know of ZERO people on my lists or visitors to my blog who are not interested in this. Especially when the course is free.

One of my primary objectives is to get my readers to join this list. I promote it as often as possible (without overkill) because I know it’s the ONE list that has an extremely high opt-in rate (number of people who join the list after reading about it).

Visit for details on this list, along with a view of how the form and subscription process works. And join the list to not only get the free information (which you need and want), but also to see how I use the mailings to deliver quality information and point people towards my products. NOTE: If you’re sharp and paying attention, you’ll notice that there is a very inconspicuous form for this course and newsletter at the bottom of virtually EVERY page at this site. Scroll to the bottom to see for yourself. 🙂

Once you have a product to sell and a list setup to get prospects to buy from you, it’s all about finding those prospects. This is done through promoting your product and list. Yep, you need “signature traffic”…

3. Your Signature Traffic. If you’re completely new, “traffic” simply refers to visitors to your website. Obviously, the more “traffic” you get, the more “prospects” you get, the more “orders” you get. It’s a numbers game.

All things being equal, the more traffic you get,

the more money you make!

Now, let me say this very clearly: there are dozens upon dozens of ways to get traffic to your website. Some free, some paid. Some effective, some a waste of time and money. You can absolutely wear yourself out trying too many different strategies for generating visitors to your site.

Let me give you a piece of advice that I teach my coaching clients –

It is better to MASTER one traffic generation

strategy first than dabble with many.

You almost certainly will get better results sticking with ONE effective method of generating traffic than you will juggling multiple methods. I get the idea of “diversification”. Yes, there is truth to the old “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket” adage. I’m in agreement. I think ultimately you should have a dozen different streams of traffic flowing to your site.

But. You. Cannot. Get. This. Accomplished. All. At. Once.

It’s virtually impossible for you (or anyone) to start from scratch and effectively setup multiple traffic sources simultaneously. It would be BETTER to master one traffic generation strategy, and then when it is producing optimally, move on to a second and then third source.

Think logically.

Can you simultaneously learn the piano, guitar, drums, accordion, and flute from scratch? Absolutely not. Best case scenario you are mediocre at each of them. Worst case scenario you tank at them all. There is no way you can become skilled at all of them if you start them at the same time. (Unless you are some kind of alien prodigy 🙂

You need to establish ONE “signature traffic” method. Master it. Optimize it so it produces a flood of traffic to your site. Keep it flooding until it runs dry! Sure, learn secondary methods once it is being used effectively, but first things first!

I’m a big believer in becoming a powerhouse at one traffic source – a “signature traffic” source – before moving on to other things. It’s worked for me. And it’s worked for my clients who have followed through on my counsel. I’m convinced it will work for anyone (that’s you) who chooses to implement it.

That said, what is the best “signature traffic“??

In a nutshell: partner traffic. What I’ve been doing since I first started back in August 2000 is to get OTHER PEOPLE to send me THEIR best prospects…for free. This has taken on a variety of different faces throughout the years ranging from ad swaps to affiliate contests to joint venture promotions to co-authored products to interviews to article exchanges to viral marketing to rebrandable content.

There are dozens of options but they all have one thing in common –

Other people send you their best targeted

prospects at absolutely zero cost to you!

That’s a source worthy to be called “signature traffic”. Let me give you just one small example from my own business to get your mind wrapped around the concept.

Case study: Blog post on Nicole Dean blog. One of the things that I like to do is get my content distributed by others who have their own “community” of influence. There are a lot of ways to do this, but a really effective way is to “guest post” on someone else’s blog.

How this is done is fairly simple: you write a blog post, you contact someone whose blog is devoted to the topic you wrote about, you get them to post your article with a link (and often “advertisement”) back to your site. Just like that you have turned on a traffic stream!

Nicole Dean is one of the people that I really respect in “internet marketing” and I approached her about guest blogging. She agreed and posted my article entitled, “3 Ways To Kickstart Your Business In 24 Hours”. At the close of the post is an advertisement and link for my I-Foundations class I mentioned earlier. Just like that I have turned on a traffic stream.

Visit to read the article and see how the strategy looks in “real life”. While you’re there, browse around: Nicole has lots of useful resources available. (See how SHE gets traffic from ME as well? It works both ways.)

That’s how you make money online. You need products, prospects, and promotion. You need a “signature product”, “signature list”, and “signature traffic”. One of each will get you started. Here’s the best part…

Five Days

That’s the best part of it all: you can get these things in place very quickly. In fact, there are resources available at this site to help you do so.

What’s your next step? I’d recommend you do one of two things…

Option #1: The DIY model. This model won’t get you setup in five days, but it’s a great option if you are the “do it yourself” kind of person, or your budget simply doesn’t allow for any purchases at this time. Look around at this site to start your education process.

  • Read the dozens of articles (click the “Articles” link at the top of this page) as they all deal with issues related to the three core areas that we identified today. Print them out. Bookmark the pages that are especially important to you. Come back often to read more.
  • Join the newsletter below for regular training by email. You’ll find it especially helpful for general “gameplan” type information. This is a great way to get ongoing articles that mostly are not available elsewhere. While there is ocassional overlap, I try to keep the content of the newsletter exclusive to it.
  • Research at Google for information related to any of the things I’ve mentioned above. You can sift through the thousands of pages of information online to find pretty much anything you want to know. The only “downside” is that this can be extremely time-consuming and there are many options which can be confusing to select from or understand.

If you want to “speed up” the process and take out a lot of the “guesswork”, here’s a second option…

Option #2: The Hand-Holding model. I have created 5-day coaching classes for each of the three things mentioned above. These classes walk you through the steps (from zero to completion) and offers a unique opportunity to interact with me personally in a true “one-on-one” setting (not as a “group”).

I call these three classes The Signature Series, and they consist of InfoCoach (“Your Signature Product”), Relate (“Your Signature List”) and Connections (“Your Signature Traffic”). To learn more about each of them, click through the links below…

Signature Series


Every Internet entrepreneur should have a “signature product” at the foundation of his or her business!

Learn how to create your $97+

product in just 5 days…

Click Here For More Information


If you want people to buy what you are selling, then you must create a “signature list” of eager prospects!

Discover THE best way to get

your own list of BUYERS…

Click Here For More Information



Instead of juggling lots of options, MASTER your

signature traffic” solution to get website visitors!

There is no better free strategy for

getting people to your site…

Click Here For More Information


Thanks again for dropping by. I hope our paths cross soon. In the meantime, there is no reason why you cannot begin immediately moving towards your goal of earning money from an Internet based business.

You. Can. Do. It.

God bless,

Jimmy D. Brown

P.S. If you are a “beginner” (or anyone not currently making at least $1,000 per month), then I recommend you begin by enrolling in the Foundations class. In it we will work together (one-on-one) to create a plan and a schedule for you to start or grow an Internet business. See all the details at

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