About Us

Success is something we all want to achieve. We don’t want to spend our entire life in mediocrity. Despite of our brilliant plans to doing so, we are quite unable to execute them and often times through this very brilliancy stumble unawares upon ruin.

We are neither born hopelessly idle nor naturally diligent, but can move in any direction with any level of intensity and can execute freedom at our own will. yet we are constantly comparing ourselves with others who we think, are more fortunate than we are; who possess higher titles, larger houses and bigger bank accounts etc. We seem to think since we are not perfect, we can never achieve anything worthwhile in our life.

Does our thinking always dictate our reality? or there is something else.

We (the mankind) are the final effort of the nature in the scheme of evolution. On our path to conquer the world we are equally dealing with all kinds of deficiencies and dysfunctions like those who vanished before us on their path to progress.

With a quest to help people overcome self imposed limitations, restrictive thinking & handicap Srini Saripalli started PositivePositoning.com which within a matter of couple of years become one of the leading resources in “Human Change” & “Human Excellence”.

Our goal is simple: create breakthroughs for people in all aspects of their professional, personal, emotional, relational or financial lives